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    For all enquiries, please email:


Doc Jamieson is 1 person.  He has no staff -  email is the best way for him to have a large number of enquiries answered in a timely manner.  

Doc says: 
"Email is preferable because when I am working on animals I cannot answer my phone and I may miss messages on my messagebank if I have a lot left for me in the one day."

Volunteers in the office will email you back within 12 hours.  This way Doc can focus on treating the animals that need him all day, and provide an uninterrupted service to clients face to face

Booking process

1.  Send an email including your suburb/location and details about your pet

2.  You will receive a reply from Docs office with the details you need in   
      relation to your pet specifically, answers to any questions you ask and an 
      accurate quote to have Doc treat your pet 

3. You then need to email back to confirm that you would like to make a booking after you have read and understood the information - Please include your FULL ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER so Doc can attend.

4.  Doc will phone/email you to arrange a time to visit your home, or provide 
     you with a list of appointment times for you to choose from to visit his clinic.

(Doc will text/call when he is 20 minutes away from your home to let you know he is coming - please allow for traffic delays or appointments before yours that require more of Docs attention than he planned on - sometimes he runs late - he won't rush when working on an animal)

** Doc is not a Vet. He cannot provide you with advice that is not related to the work he solely performs. If Doc attends your property and he believes your pet has problems that are not in his line of expertise he will advise you to take your animal to a vet ASAP


Doc appreciates that many of you have already spent thousands on your animal seeking help from other places, prior to finding him.  Unfortunately Doc has overheads and expenses that he must meet to enable him to keep treating animals.  He CANNOT discount treatments, treat animals for free or allow payment plans at this time so please do not be offended.  This will change in the future however due to the damage that the Chiropractor Board has caused his business he cannot help financially like he would like to do, and like he used to be able to do.


                                      DOC RECEIVES NO FUNDING


Mobile Visits
Costs for mobile visits vary depending on the distance Doc has to travel
Doc operates a mobile service to benefit your animals by being able to be treated in their home environment and provide you with the convenience also

Costs quoted in the email you receive is a total price.  There will never be any extra charges.  The price will be the same whether your appointment time is on the weekend, outside of business hours or on a public holiday

There are no products sold at appointments.  The price quoted is all inclusive of everything your animal needs from Doc.

Making Payment
No EFTPOS facilities available at this time, please make payment by cash. Cash and cheque accepted at the time of appointment.  Or direct deposit into account prior
to appointment. (This is so Doc doesnt have to spend time doing account keeping, and can have more time to heal animals)

Invoices/receipts can be provided electronically for pet insurance / your records


Docs appointment schedule / running late

I understand your time is precious, as we all lead very busy lives with time constraints and commitments.  I endeavour to strictly adhere to appointment times however working with animals does not always make this possible. 

As I am committed to providing a comprehensive service to all clients, this at times sees my appointments extending beyond predicted treatment times to cater for animals in dire need of extra help.

I never rush appointments, although I will always do what it takes to get your animal back into top health as fast as possible. 

I recommend that you allow time for delays when scheduling your animal for an appointment/mobile visit.

If you have unavoidable commitments either side of your appointment please phone me or email in advance to check if I am running on time to ensure your animal gets the most out of the treatment and your other commitments are not compromised.



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