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Dear Doc,
About 12 months ago you did a number of sessions with Gemma.  She was always ‘crying’, howling in her sleep.
There was a period of time where that stopped.  However, it has continued now for a couple of months. She still loves her food and water.
The thing that is really concerning us, is that she is always ‘talking’ to us loudly. Particularly at night when we are asleep she wakes us up to 3 times at different intervals and just stands at the door and ‘meows loudly’, then either walks off or scoots off.
This is really beginning to be a problem, due to our deprivation of sleep.
Have you got any suggestions?  If you recall she is quite elderly about 14years.
I am actually to beginning to think, that ‘she may has lost it’.
If you are able to suggest anything, please do.  I don’t like estranging her much from us, even though she clearly is not an effectionate cat.  (She was a street cat, that I took in about 8 years ago).
Look forward to your response.  I think she needs another session with you.


Dear Doc,


I have 2 Border Collies (10 & 7 y.o.) and 2 d.s.h. cats (17 & 14 y.o.).  I now seem to need the assistance of a pet Chiro. for my 17y.o. desexed femal cat "Tauri".  Her symptoms seem to be generalised lower back pain/discomfort and now short temperedness, a hesertation at jumping up on my lap and fidgeting and taking a long time to settle once on my lap.  In the last 2 years she has had some considerable weight loss, and now weighs in at 4.1kg.   I look forward to your reply. 


Hi Doc Jamieson :)


I have taken in a beautiful stray torbie cat called Milly.


She seems scared of people and has a hard life. She doesn't like being petted on her back and can sometimes bite. I have noticed she doesn't jump like my kitten Zee-Jay, she climbes instead and when moving from a sitting position to a lying position, she is much more cautious and it takes her much longer.


A friend told me about you helping her cat and I'm wondering if you can help us ? She is a beatuifly cat and we love her very much and I think she came to us for a reason.




Hope you can help us.  Our Bob has been having bladder problems.  The local vet did tests (crystals and blood in his urine) and has been on two courses of antibiotics.  At first he seemed to improve, but he is still urinating in the litter all the time and seemed to be unwell as before.  We live in the Beenleigh area



My name is xxxxxx, I have a 14 yr old cat and about six months ago he fell I have taken him to 3 different vets and they say he has arthritis which he probly has now, but he was fine before he fall.

I was wondering if you are anywhere near Loganholme   and if not would you know of anyone like you who is as I would like not to travel too far with him.

Thank You






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