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Most people are aware, I have been involved in an ongoing legal matter for years.  I am in the right.  I have done nothing wrong.  This is a civil matter, not criminal.  

The case is now between the Chiropractic Board of Australia, as I strive to seek compensation for the damages that have been caused to me and my business as a result of a defamatory publication published by the Qld Board on the internet, which was accessible by the public for years.

I have had to become extremely vigilant due to some worrying anomolies which have occurred to me.  Legislation states that anyone who defames a person is no longer responsible for making good the damage that they do (eg paying compensation) if that person is deceased.  This could be the reason.
My documentation has been sent to a number of regulatory bodies and law enforcement authorities.  I have also copied my evidence and given it to a number of people, nationwide for safekeeping.




Email I received:

Voice message I received on my mobile:

9:38am, 14/02/2012:  http://youtu.be/HLMi7E5dRYk

Email I received:

About 9:30pm I was going to let the dogs out on my property and check on the greyhounds safety after I heard the dogs alerting me to something unusual.  It was dark at this time.  I was nearly at my kennel when I realised I didn't have the keys to unlock the secure area.  I grabbed one of my weapons and I turned around with my flash light.  I accidently dropped a dog lead on the ground.  I kept going towards the house where there are a big strip of overgrown trees (now trimmed right back so no-one can hide anywhere).  I got a cold chill down my spine so I stopped still for a minute to gather my senses.  I then heard a noise as if someone took off through the bushes.  At that time I didn't have my cameras or sensor lights.  I grabbed a large Maglite but by then, whoever it was, they were well and truly over the fence and gone.  I have stones/pebbles all around my house so if anyone walks nearby it is easy for me to hear-I am also a very light sleeper, and the dogs on the property bark.  About 2am on this same evening I was woken to footsteps right under my window.  I lay and listened, it was definitely someone trying to walk soft on the pebbles.  It was definitely a human, not an animal.  About 3:11am the above email arrived.  It was about 9:40pm (twenty to ten) that I had been doing the dogs when I heard the person in the bushes scuffle away after watching me.  

         I have reported these threats, and others, to authorities
                       This has all been audio recorded. 

I now have full 24hr surveillance, with audio and infrared/night vision capability, as well as hidden cameras, recording on the entire property with automatic photo capturing sensitivity.   All of my vehicles are fully kitted up with infrared/night vision cameras, alarms, sensor lights and satellite tracking devices too.

If anyone sees any other person driving my vehicle at any time, please phone Crimestoppers - 1800 333 000








Any information regarding the above report 
mail@docjamieson.com and Crimestoppers

I have a $5000 reward for any information leading to who poisoned my greyhounds.  This is sign-written on my mobile clinic, with the rest of the story.  After being followed again in September, 2013 I have decided to increase the reward to $10,000.  At this stage I cannot afford to have anybody else's dogs stay on my property until this legal battle is over.  I had no problems before 2005 with any dogs being poisoned.  Before this I could leave my gates, car, house and kennels open without a problem. 
This is no longer the case, I live fully secured.

11 September, 2013

trailer_crash_brick2I went to my doctor yesterday because I have been getting chronic migraines because of the legal matter.  I made the biggest mistake last night - I took something to relax me to help my migraines, and at that time I only had a 16gb card in my surveillance system.  I had a good nights sleep but when I woke up on the morning of 12 September I found my trailer had been tampered with.  The handbrake was taken off.  Luckily I had moved my ute the evening before, which was previously sitting in front of the trailer and would have been smashed into.  I must have been right out to it because there would have been the biggest bang!  The tablets are now down the toilet, no more medication while I'm fighting this case.  I learn by my mistakes.  Now I am hunting the hunters again.  I have now upgraded my cards to ensure I have full surveillance footage available to download.  As a result my work was delayed from 12 September, 2013 until 13 September, 2013.  I apologise for this.  The trailer will not be moved until this matter is fully investigated.

My vehicle had to be professionally washed today after someone threw oil over it yesterday as well.  I have a video from the car wash

This is the front fence which the security sensors alerted me to having been compromised!


I am determined to bring every single person to justice, who has damaged my business/property, hurt/killed my animals or done wrong by me.  If you have any information you want me to know please email me: mail@docjamieson.com. The truth will set you free!

I'm coming back to work bigger, better and stronger than ever before - there's no-one in this whole universe that will stop me or damage my business ever again.  Sit back and watch, justice will prevail!  All you have to do is pray for my safety and justice...



In the past when I have attended legal appointments I have returned to my property to find my beloved dogs have been poisoned in my "known absence".  This has forced me to get rid of my dogs (to pet homes), as well as the fact that I am struggling financially and with my health due to the Chiropractic Board of Australia ongoing legal case taking its toll on me.  The remaining dogs that I have I am forced to travel with and I even had to take them to the courthouse with me to guarantee their safety.  See below for the video link to utube to see the greyhounds safe in their trailer outside the courthouse! 

If you are can foster or adopt a greyhound please email me today

If you see the vehicle and trailer above (it is now signwritten) driven by any other person, call Crimestoppers:  1800 333 000 


Greyhounds at court: 

Greyhounds getting icrecream rewards after court:

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