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2012                        From the view of a client...

Doc treats a large mixed breed dog.  The client describes her experience using Doc Jamieson
to keep her dog in the best of health.

2012                        A greyhound before and after a treatment, very happy & mobile after!

Doc treats a greyhound who is sore and walking badly.  Immediately afterwards she has bounce,
is holding her head high and is much much happier.  The day after she is able to perform like an 

2012                       An old girl (dog) made happy and more mobile again!

Brooke - an old girl with a bad knee and appearing to "seize up" in general
- about 15 yrs of age.  After Doc treated Brooke her happy owner wrote: 
"noticed this morning that she is using her tail, it is up & she is wagging it & 
moving it around...i have not seen her use her tail in a very long time....
thanks to u & your treatments doc

2012                       Kittens, rescue babies, from anti-social to playful and happy!

Two little rescue kittens were not quite themselves, but not really showing any "symptoms" 
or lameness as such.  See if you can notice the difference "before" and "after" Docs treatment 
with their behaviour/mannerisms......a nice short video!

2012                        Rottweiler, ~8yrs old, "Bella" from wobbly to strong willed!

"Bella", presented very unstable and wobbly on her feet.  After 5 treatments spaced
out she is now walking straighter with better composition and fluent movement, she
is overall a much happier dog, as are her owners. Please don't give up on your dog 
at any stage of its life - Doc can help you!

2012                         13yr old Cattle Dog - had been slow & stiff for 2 yrs

Meet "Lulu", stiff and slow for nearly 2 years.  Thought to have been the high 
use of stairs earlier in life or slipping over, Lulu presented with pinched nerves
and was sore from being out of alignment with muscle spasm.  After one treatment
Lulu is moving much more fluently and is a happier girl!

2012                          8 yr old Blue Heeler & 16 yr old Doberman, paralysed

After one treatment Tahnee the Blue Heeler goes from being carried on a 
towel by 2 people to walking on her own.  Kenzo the Doberman is much
stronger and more alert and doing well.  Sadly Kenzo is part of an 
investigation by an
animal welfare agency stating that he is a very 
"geriatric" dog.  Kenzo's owner and Doc are hoping that everyone can
see all dogs deserve the same chance regardless of age.

OCT/NOV 2011          Ringtail Possum Treatment

"Pumpkin" the ringtail possum was paralysed in the rear. With 3 young to care 
for she was found at the bottom of a tree. Docs treatments removed her pain, 
reduced inflammation and got the blood flowing back through her muscles and 
her movement returned.

2011                            9 1/2 year old Japanese Spitz very lame

Doc decided, even after improvements from his home visits that this
little one had to go home with him to avoid the home environment that
attributed to his condition (eg slippery floors that were unavoidable).
The difference in this little guy is amazing!

2010                            Old dog at Boarding Kennel unable to move

Boarding kennel staff identified the need for Doc to treat one of their 
clients to improve her quality of life.  When arriving to stay, this old 
girl was very stiff and worsening however after one treatment she was
1000 times better!

2010                              Old stiff arthritic dog

A client presented with an old arthritic dog who had lived for years 
with restricted movement.  After a few treatments this old girl 
had immense improvement. 
Moving with much more fluent actions 
she is a happier girl to live the rest of her life free of pain.


NOV 2010                      Horse after one treatment 

Doc received an email from a new client as follows:

I have just sent you a message thru facebook. But have found your website and email. 

Iam wanting to know if you could see this Q.H. filly asap, as there is no use training her 
at the moment untill I have some idea as to help her problem. 
She is not lame as such, 
but cannot use her off side front leg to step out properly, I can see it while lunging and 
when riding her. Also she finds it hard to hold the canter to the right and it feels as though 
it is in her hind leg. I have just purchased this filly, I wasn't able to ride her before I bought 
her. Now I have found this problem with her and have to try and fix it if possible.
Could you see her asap. She is a western pleasure horse, I have had horses all my life 
and trained many, and do not believe in just spurring them to get results.

OCT 2010                       Bunjie - treated over a period of a 
                                        number of weeks.  Lame hind legs

Doc received an email from a new client as follows:

Dear Doc
My dog fell in a mellon hole about 2 years ago while running on the farm. He was paralysed in the back legs for 2-3 weeks. I nursed him back to walking by creating a sling to mobilise him outside for toileting. Gradually he improved with medication and rest, however he is gradually deteriorating. When we go for walks he can't gait, his back legs swing from side to side in a trot; 
when walking he tends to half plat his legs dragging his toes slightly on the ground. He can't sit properly either, appears to be in a lot pain, very stiff.
I don't know if you can help me as we live in Rockhampton but you may know someone who can. I have been looking for help for quite some time. Due to his lack of mobility he is tending to put on weight which is exacerbating is situation. He only gets 1/4 cup dog biscuits and small bone daily. 
He should be 25kg and is now 29-30kg.  
Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. 

I think we have sat on this problem for way too long as the vet recommended we should wait and see. He had all the x-rays and as you said nothing showed up relating to the nerves.

Bunjie's initial accident occurred a couple of years ago so as you can imagine he has already suffered the muscle wasting in his back end. A month ago he fell down the stairs and he has reverted back to how he was when he just starting walking again. Some days he can't even walk around the house yard without falling over, not to mention squatting when he has to open his bowels. We have been trying to locate a chiropractor here but don't seem to be having too much success.

SEPT 2010                      Dog in vehicle rollover on highway,  
                                         treated in Brisbane by Doc before 
                                         returning home to happy owners in 



2009                               Cat - before first treatment and after 3rd final treatment

A 14 year old street cat, taken in by loving owners about 8 years ago, Gemma 
was always crying/howling in her sleep. Although never a very affectionate or 
sociable cat she was getting worse in her behaviour of avoiding people and 
putting herself into her cat cage to hide. After 3 treatments by Doc Jamieson 
including chiropractic adjustments, laser acupuncture and reiki Gemma has been 
skooting around the house like a kitten and did not go back in that cage!

EARLY 2009                   German Shepherd - improvement after one treatment

German Shepherd had lost enthusiasm for life.  She was unable to lift her head 
and could not walk in a straight line or walk with any speed.  Obedience and agility 
were not going well!  Before and after video (apologies for the quality) show a big 
improvement after one chiropractic treatment by Doc Jamieson

LATE 2008                       Miniature Poodle Paralysed - "Sophia"

A miniature poodle, collapsing and weak leading to complete paralysis - slowly 
she was rehabilitated bit by bit with Doc Jamieson's expert care and a very 
dedicated owner. 2 years have passed and Sophia has remained healthy and strong.

LATE 2008                       Lame Bull

Doc Jamieson gets a call out to a bull. Big money was paid to purchase the bull with the 
intention of breeding with him. When he arrived, after being injured in transport, his left 
rear leg was hanging and he was not weight bearing on it. After 2 treatments the bull was 
putting weight on that leg and he was walking straighter and had better composition overall. 
Prior to getting into contact with Doc the owner had been told by a number of people that 
nothing could be done and to end his life. He can now go on to living a happy pain free 
life on all fours.

AUGUST 2008                 Horse Rehabilitation Centre

Doc treats a horse that was unable to get up.  This horse had been down in the paddock
for 4 days.  Many other practitioners had attended and not been successful in helping this
animal.  Doc uses his natural horsemanship skills and applies chiropractic techniques, does
equine massage, laser acupuncture to increase blood flow and reduce inflamation and uses
magnetic therapy machines.  The improvement in the horse is amazing - in a short period of 
time the horse was up, walking, drinking and eating (not alot of audio to listen 2) - 2 hour session
edited to 9 minutes.

JULY 2008                       Open Day Dog Demonstration, Doc's Yatala Clinic  

Doc does a demonstration of treatment on a dog.  The owner of the greyhound 
featured in this clip didnt realise how sore his dog was.  The difference by the end
of the treatment is noticeable.  (Turn your computer volume up to hear what Doc
is saying over the background noise


10 MAY 2008                     RSPCA Million Paws Walk

Doc speaks to the crowd about his treatments on animals.  Doc then treats any dog
which is bought to him by members of the public.  All dogs have a very big noticeable
improvement, very visable also in the happiness that owners display as they walk away
after their treatment!

                                               DOGS TREATED BY DOC JAMIESON AT THE 2006 RSPCA PAWS IN A MILLION WALK DAY




2009                                WIN News interview

Follow up story with the developments and rulings which the Chiropractor Board
of Queensland were unsuccessful in obtaining against Doc. Doc talks about the
impact that the Boards legal interference has had on his business, clinics, his life and
on the lives of the animals that were/are relying on him to keep them alive and well.      
Previously uploaded on 2 July, 2009 with 383 views. (
Re-loaded to improve sound quality




SEPTEMBER 2008           Channel 10 News Interview

Doc being interviewed in a news item about the legal case that the Chiropractor Board
of Queensland took against him and subsequently lost. The court case was in the Beenleigh
Magistrates Court in April 2007 and the 'not guilty' decision was handed down on 4 May 2007.
The court case was taken against Doc because of the use of the word "chiropractor", "chiro"
and "chiropractic" in his advertising....the Board claimed they 'owned' the words....the court did
not see it that way!!!

18 MARCH 2007                A Current Affair

Doc being interviewed by ACA over his problems with the Chiropractor Board of Queensland
(now Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority). Video includes some interviews
with clients and some treatment of animals.


2006                                   WIN News interview

Doc talks about his clinic and the start of the battle caused by the interference in his life by
the Chiropractor Board of Queensland. Some interviews with clients included.

Previously uploaded on Jul  2, 2009 - this version had 171 hits/views.  Sound issues meant it 
needed to be re-loaded from its original position (



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