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A documentary revealing the truth 
about the corruption experienced in my life.

The last funds that I had have been spent on signwriting my motorhome (mobile clinic) and business vehicles to save my business.  I have to be my own media since the media are not interested in this David vs Goliath case. 
The media were there for me in 2007 at the time of the first court case when the Chiropractor Board of Qld took me to court for using a word. Its funny that I had the support of the media prior to winning the case back then, I think most people thought Id lose.   After winning I had no money to sue the Board for damages lost from their unsuccessful litigation against me.  I built my business on my own, to save animals.  During this battle created by a
government health board, I have even written to John Laws and Tony Fitzgerald and other media personalities about the corruption. 


I have sold things and had to borrow money to keep my business active.  Social media and my own signwriting is now the only way I can advertise my business and explain my true situation.

I am not going away, the truth will come out.  
Read my story on my new mobile clinic.





No - I wont back down.
No - I wont go away.
I am doing this for the animals 
and I am fighting for freedom for everybody
who has ever been damaged, bullied, 
attacked and victimised.

Stay tuned.....
And then you will understand 
why I am doing this because of the truth, 
to show the lies, the corruption, the conspiracy and the system that fails so many people in life.  We are all born with freewill and freedom.  This is about my life purpose, which was to save animals for everyone and anybody, not about the money.  I will never take shut up money, this has gone too far.  This is about helping everybody and every animal on this planet.  If we stand together we CAN change the world!



Now people will understand, when fighting a battle against a government body, why I would prefer to work by email and not be on my phone!  Myself and my dogs live under video
protection to ensure my safety





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